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  1. Before applying, make sure all flower beds and ground area is pruned and cleaned out of leaves or any other debris.
  2. Spray for weeds in and around your beds where you will be covering
  3. Be sure to measure the square footage of the area you wish to cover.
  4. Pine needles are sold in bales, each bale weighs approximately 25 pounds and are 13x14x28 inches and contain 3 cubic feet of pine straw. Each bale will cover 60 square feet at the recommended 2 to 3 inches depth.
  5. When spreading straw for the first time, always apply a heavier layer around 4 to 5 inches in depth, which comes out to around 30 square feet per bale to create a good base.
  6. If applied correctly, pinestraw will naturally suffocate any weeds that usually want to pop up.
  7. Pinestraw naturally breaks down over time and creates a great compost for your plants and vegetation.
  8. Spread pinestraw twice a year. Spring time and also late fall once all leaves have fallen.
  9. Pinestraw wont attract a lot of pests or termites like wood chips or mulch, and it is also great for erosion control as well
  10. Pinestraw is easy to spread with very little effort and a great way to get the family involved in spending time outside.


Want to make your yard look like the Ritz-Carlton? Here is a little tip that will make your friends wonder why their pinestraw doesn’t look as good. When applying your pinestraw, spread about 8 inches of pinestraw onto the grass or concrete, which ever borders your beds. Come back with a blower and very lightly blow the pinestraw off the grass or concrete back towards the bed which will cause the pinestraw to tuck its-self into place making a perfect border line of fluffy pinestraw. This does take time and patience, and if you don’t have a blower you can always use a hard rake and push the straw into place. 

Good luck! 

Tyler McClure / Owner of All About Pinestraw