About Our Company

All About Pinestraw was establised in 2000, by Justin Cooper a Watkinsville, Georgia native and friend of current owner Tyler McClure. In 2002, while a Sophomore in High School, Tyler worked for Mr. Cooper by driving down to south Georgia after school everyday and would pick up a load of pinestraw in a trailer that would hold 500 bales at a time, then deliver the pinestraw to local families and landscapers in the Athens area. After 2 years of working for Mr. Cooper, Tyler purchased the business from him. Over the past decade, Tyler has expanded All About Pinestraw from a small business servicing 500 bales at a time to a nationwide distributor of pinestraw by the tractor trailer load, as well as opening a retail store located in Watkinsville, Georgia, allowing the local familes and landscapers to pick up smaller quantities of pinestraw, while also providing spreading and delivery services as well.


After having a bad experience with the guys that ride around neighborhoods selling pine straw and ripping you off, I had a good friend of mine tell me about this place, so I gave it a try. The owner was very helpful and spent the time explaining the different kinds of pine straw there are, and also the right thickness that it needs to be spread. The pine straw quality was great, and they deliver and spread as well. Great product and service at a great price. I will definitely use them again.
George Comer, Watkinsville, Georgia

Tyler McClure

Owner & CEO

Tyler attributes the success of his business from focusing on 3 main goals: offering a great product at a great price, performing a timely service, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

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